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Stress out experience

Published on 15/03/2018

The Venetian Walls of Heraklion surrounded the old city of "Chandax". What most people don’t know is that these walls constitute the largest fortification work of the Mediterranean Sea. It will not be hard to find them , however you may wonder where to begin your walk on them. There are several alternative routes on the walls of Heraklion .The one we propose combines a relaxing stress out walk with a view and a visit to some of the most important historical spots.

Our tour includes a short break in the heart of the city, at a local traditional Cretan Taverna to taste the Cretan olive oil with homemade local bread.

It is believed that olive oil is the secret of the cretan diet and longevity

Instead of butter try in your breakfast… whole meal bread or dried bread soaked in Cretan virgin olive oil! You can fragrance it by adding a herb or a combination of your favorite herbs. It will be the best, the healthiest and the most delicious breakfast. Because it is not an industrial product but a natural product produced from the simple pressing of the olive without additives. It is the best, the lightest and the tastiest olive oil in the world.