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Private VIP tours

Published on 15/03/2018

Our expertise in planning of special tours all over Crete island create each vacation a unique & unforgettable experience for you that you will take advantage of a private organized excursion.

Visits to scenic sites, romantic dinners, adventurous excursions and unknown places to discover or sail will definitely make your moments in Crete destination unforgettable.

Fishing day not to miss : If catching a  FISH few kilometers far away  from the mountains where wild goat of Crete Kri-Kri lives, sounds like an unforgettable experience to you, then take this  fishing tour to one of selected fishing destinations that we will set up for you. Whether you’d like to escape for a few days or hours, this relaxing tour to one of the most beautiful gulfs of the island is sure that will refresh you up!

Go Golf

Let us help you create a private, corporate or social golf event with memories that will last a lifetime. At the end of the tournament all players will enjoy the delicious cretan cuisine gourmet plates which will be served at the premises of the camp.

Corporate & Business

Corporate & Business Transportation available to cover any special need of any special Business traveller & Corporate client. Please consult us at [email protected]

Yacht or Helicopter chartering: Any chartering,  from yachts of 1-8 persons or more or even a special transportation from Heraklion’s airport to our selected hotels with a private helicopter are available and our professional team will be happy to handle your request.

Some of the choices for yachting  experiences: Mini-cruise in the Gulf of Mirabello. Santorini island  one-day cruise and Sail away to eastern Sitia & the unique Palm Forest of Europe, VAI.

Please consult us at [email protected]