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Cretan wine roads

Published on 15/03/2018

Cretan traditionally accompany their meals or dinner with wine.

Wine is a part of people's culture!

They never drink alone, drinking is a way of socializing and making friends. They drink with their mates, they laugh and talk. Modern wineries in Crete have made use of the traditional varieties of grapes and the centuries-long experience. They do not forget, that the oldest, wine-press, more than 3.500 years old, was found in Crete, in Archanes. This tradition is combined with knowledge and technology. The apellation Cretan wines (protected name of origin) are a valuable heritage of traditional varieties, completely adapted to the climate conditions of the island. Don’t forget that the wine has been systematically grown in Crete for more than 4000 years! According to our mythology, wine was the gift of a great god, Dionysos. He is the god of joy, life and company. Our mythology says that his beloved partner was the daughter of Minos, the mythical king of Crete, Ariadne.

These are, maybe, the roots of a story, that nobody knows when it starts... Enjoy!