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Business Lifestyle: Green Conferences

Published on 30/04/2012

Green conferences are the conferences with the limited environmental imprint!

SBOKOS S.A –ecologically thinking- plans & develops conferences based on the following 10 steps:

  1. Elimination of printings with the use of electronic communication media
  2. Choice of suppliers according to their ecological performance, priority on recycled materials & local products
  3. Creation of a Report sheet on friendly environmental actions which are followed for each conference under the norms of Enviromental Iso
  4. Electronic Advertising through social media
  5. Preference on Venues  that run recycling methods of paper, glass, metal & plastic
  6. Promotion of Cretan & Mediteranean Nutrition Meals insisting on local products, avoiding transportation & carbon emissions
  7. Print of conference material on recycling paper, double views
  8. Re-Use or recycle leftovers of conference material
  9. Reduce energy, securing that all conference halls deactivate electricity after the end of the conference sessions
  10. Communicate &  Boost environmental actions.