Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility plays a major role for our company.
Focusing on the society we live and develop socially and professionally Sbokos d.m.c aims to its employees.
The company has created a safe and pleasant working environment, where productivity and creativity, are rewarded. A way to show this recognition is coming from the support that the company shows through the means of continuous training & education of its employees both at a professional and personal development level.
Extending out of our borders, the company is also taking care of both society & environment.
The company is concentrating on helping people that need support and contributes to making their lives happier by donating  to several humanitarian organizations such as:

  • The humanitarian organization «Médecins Sans Frontières»
  • Charities to the Red Cross
  • Offering hardware equipment to vulnerable people
  • Giving the chance for work to the 3rd age people and youngsters and keeps door open for handicapped personnel
  • Care & protection of  the environment by promoting and organizing Green conferences with limited environmental imprint!

Trusted Partners

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