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Our Mission

For more than 42 years, Sbokos Tours S.A has been working developing specific and customized travel services, delivered to its cooperators and adapted to individual needs. Sbokos Tours S.A believes in a more personal way of providing travel related services and commits itself through simple and focused actions to create more valuable and exquisite services for the benefit of all members related in the tourism business.

Ευχαριστώ- Jul 17 IND

Published on 05/01/2018


Αγαπητέ Πέτρο,

Το γραφείο μας έχει στείλει τις εντυπώσεις του πελάτη και δεν θα μπρούσαν να ...

Positive Feedback

Published on 05/01/2018


Just a small email to send to you the deedback of this group we had at Mitsis Laguna:

'Just to give you some deedback on the Mitsis Laguna & the suppliers. Hotel was incredibly helpful when we got there, all the rooms they said they couldnt upgrade they did & we paid for the late check out.  The transfer company were excellent, on time, friendly & really efficient. They made the process of transfering 45 people completely hassle free. We even booked them again ...

LC3 2017 - Successfull Conference Organization

Published on 16/11/2017


It’s been a great distinction and award the organization of the LC3 Conference that SBOKOS s.a achieved during the JC3, IGLC conference and Lean & BIM 2017 Schools.







LC3 2017 - Compliment letter

Published on 08/08/2017


Dear Lilia Sbokou, Chrysa Petimezaki & Giorgos Papadakis,

Thank you very much for having help organize such a wonderful LC3 conference experience.

Hope you all the best for future udnertakings
Kind Regards,

Dr. Christy P. Gomez
Associate Professor